A little of this, and a little of that



Spring blooms glorious birth,

Summer sun warms the earth,

Autumn flames riotous bright,

Winter freezes into cozy quiet.

Laughter weaves through it all,

Answering to nature’s call.


Mauve weaves through

Gold and pink,

Slashes of purple

Wink and blink

Night tugs toward day.

Get up! Get up!

Bright colors sing

Receive this, Heaven’s gift

Let your soul take wing

Time passes oh so swift.

Night tugs toward day.


The day arrives

Am I ready? NOT.

Good to go,

Oh what rot!

More to do

Than I can take

Less time to do it

I’m barely awake!


Incandescent red

Shot through with light

Yellow orange bright

Flaming across the dark of dawn

First light pierced with errant ray

Melding hues, surge into day.

Morning is here.


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