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The beauty of Las Vegas, New Mexico captured

Sunrise Las Vegas, NM
Sunrise in Las Vegas, NM

The beauty of Las Vegas, New Mexico captured, looks like a fabulous group to be a part of. I happened on the site by accident and found some amazing photos – new and old – of my favorite town, and the place where I live.

I am inclined to wax – if not poetic – at least positive about this quaint and sometimes perplexing little city in Northern New Mexico. I’ve been here most of the last 40 years and been involved in community in one way or another much of that time. Despite being in a downward population trend, I still believe Las Vegas and San Miguel County have the potential for prosperity for all, and planned growth that will enhance opportunity.

The beauty of Las Vegas, New Mexico captured, reminds us of what an intriguing and beautiful town this is. Thanks to whoever got it started and to all of the people who post on it regularly.

The photo here does not appear on the site, but it is a Las Vegas, NM photo taken in early fall 2014.


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