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And the winner is…

Ruth MaresThank you Ruth Mares, for subscribing to One Roof Publishing and congratulations on winning a free copy of “Finding Family.”

I didn’t reach my goal of 100, but I did get new subscribers so it was worth the effort. With that in mind, I am extending the offer. Become a subscriber by the end of October and you will  receive a free PDF copy of my chap book of poetry, “Lines,” and be entered into a drawing for a free signed copy of “Finding Family.” Don’t forget, when you get the e-mail that you are now a subscriber, you must verify that you accept by clinking on the link.

Coming soon: I’m going to try something new, a serialization of my sequel to Thunder Prime: Fog Island (published also as The Ballad of Bawdy McClure). It will sort of (I hope) be something along the lines of the Perils of Pauline, you know, a cliff hanger at the end of every episode/chapter. I don’t know if this can be made to work, but I’m going to give it a shot. In the end I will have a book length manuscript for publication. The first episode will be free; there will be a nominal charge for access to following episodes. Sound intriguing? Stay tuned.

Remember to subscribe to receive a free PDF of my book of poetry and a chance to win a free copy of Finding Family.

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