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25 Poems of Christmas

25 Poems of ChristmasI have set a challenge for myself. In the next 25 days I will be posting a poem a day based on anchor words and phrases associated with Christmas. From these words I will create acrostic poems, some super short, some a little longer. Most will rhyme, some will not.

The art will primarily come from photos I have taken of nativities and other Christmas items I have collected over the years, or new holiday arrangements I have created. In doing this I honor traditions old and new, and share my Christmas spirit, something I couldn’t do in this way without the magic of the Internet.

The featured photo for today is of a music box nativity (left), and a bisque nativity. In the center is an arrangement of frosted greens and berries in a low fire raku pot created by Ann Trott, a gift from my husband several years ago.

Have a blessed and happy Christmas. I wish each of you love, happiness, safety, and serenity in the coming year.


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