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Leonora - Light

Tea, dark and strong,
bearing a type of beauty
in its shadowy depths.
My jaded spirit rises
on wisps of steam.
I feel the Leonora of my spirit,
right, faithful and true,
not some sleepy sprite,
but a song of focused certainty
leaking out of my brain
one word, one line at a time.

About Sharon Vander Meer (243 Articles)
Sharon Vander Meer is an author and professional writer. Her work is available through online retailers. One Roof Publishing Magazine is an eclectic foray into what the author finds interesting, quirky and fun. To submit an article for consideration e-mail In the subject line type SUBMISSION.

3 Comments on INSPIRATION

  1. Absolutely lovely!

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  2. Thank you! Kind of you to say.


  3. Very nice. I like your way with words, phrases and expressions.

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