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My challenge for December is to post – among other posts – links to uplifting stories and videos, be it music or news that makes us smile for a while. Enjoy, comment, like and share. If you have a personal, or local story to share, please contact fsharon@msn.com with a lead and I’ll follow up. This is a great story about generosity and compassion.

“Theft victim overwhelmed by Nordstrom’s ‘kindness’”, is the headline, read the rest of the story…

nordstromsPORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It’s been a tough few weeks for Kristin Coffman. The 23-year-old Portland State University student had car problems and money issues among other things.

What happened on Black Friday at Nordstrom Rack could have been a disaster. Instead, it renewed her faith in humanity. Read more and watch the video…



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