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Change is good, isn’t it?

Icon mailOkay, I’m updating my website with a new theme… an EASY to upload and format theme. Don’t. You. Believe. It.

I know once I get there – there being a finished and fine tuned website – I’ll feel sooooo good about it, but right now my poor husband dare not ask me a question or I’ll snap like a hungry horse at the rag end of the trough.

So my goal is to have a site that looks more like a magazine and less like a blog. I’ve been working toward that goal for some time, but now I’m getting close… and yet at the moment so far, far away. I don’t follow written instructions very well.

Did they mean this, or did they mean that?

I’m in the noodle it around until I figure it out camp, which means quite a lot of redoing.

So, if you happen on this site and it looks like something going through birth pains, you would be quite right. It is a work in progress, as am I.


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Sharon Vander Meer is an author and professional writer. Her work is available through online retailers. One Roof Publishing Magazine is an eclectic foray into what the author finds interesting, quirky and fun. To submit an article for consideration e-mail In the subject line type SUBMISSION.

3 Comments on Change is good, isn’t it?

  1. Thank you, Duffy and Niki! I’m always up for a challenge. 🙂


  2. Good luck, Sharon!

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  3. You are braver than I am, I chose one theme and have left it in place for years. Good luck. I’m certain you will conquer the challenge.

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