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MainStreet de Las Vegas

Entrepreneurship and small business continue to be the backbone of the American economy. MainStreet de Las Vegas is making strides in opening up opportunities for Las Vegas and area entrepreneurs to start up new businesses in the railroad district and historic downtown area. The organization has completed shovel ready engineered plans for a major redesign of East Lincoln Street and two blocks on Railroad Avenue north and south of the depot to encourage startups. A workshop to inform the public is scheduled for Feb. 8, from 5:30 – 8 p.m. in the Las Vegs Depot, 500 Railroad Ave.

The Las Vegas Great Blocks on MainStreet Plática Workshop: Developing Businesses and Buildings, will cover information about Las Vegas’ Great Blocks public infrastructure investment and how public investment will stimulate private business and building development.

Representative from MainStreet de Las Vegas, San Miguel Entrepreneur Network Program, and Las Vegas San Miguel Economic Development Corp. will be on hand to talk about programs and services available to support and encourage startups.

The term Creative Economy ignites curiosity and imagination. And it can add up to big bucks for entrepreneurs who know how to fill niche businesses in the areas of arts and culture. How can a business make the most of this opportunity? Gillian Joyce, NMMS contractor in Creative Economy, will address some of those questions in her presentation.

There will also be segments on marketing and promotion, building rehabilitation methods, and financing buildings and businesses.

Among the speakers are Stella Burciaga, president of MainStreet de Las Vegas, Amy Bell, revitalization specialist in urban design and planning/landscape architecture, Cindy Collins, executive director, MainStreet de Las Vegas, Andrea Gotschalk, network facilitator, San Miguel EN Program, Mike Adams, executive director, Las Vegas San Miguel Economic Development Corp., Gillian Joyce, Robyne Beaubien, revitalization specialist in promotion, William Powell, revitalization specialist in design, and Keith Kjelstrom, revitalization specialist in economic vitality. Many of the speakers are from New Mexico Mainstreet, which provides assistance to local communities working to revitalize their historic resources.

mainstreet logoMainStreet de Las Vegas’ mission is economic development with a historic preservation ethic. Each board member takes on a task and volunteers many hours to support the revitalization of Las Vegas’ unique downtown from the Railroad Depot, to Sixth Street/Douglas Avenue and the Plaza Park. The board has raised more than $1,400,000 in 12 years for downtown projects.

At a glance…

Las Vegas Great Blocks on MainStreet Plática Workshop:
“Developing Businesses and Buildings”
Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018, 5:30 – 8:00 PM
Las Vegas Depot, 500 Railroad Avenue
(appetizers & refreshments will be offered!)
Please RSVP if you can attend: 505 617-680

Images from MainStreet de Las Vegas

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