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Gypsy Spirit open for business


Judy Boles, the creative energy behind Gypsy Spirit, is from Cape Cod, Mass. Although she was born in Boston, she lived mostly on the Cape until she moved to New Mexico in 2010. Judy studied dental hygiene after high school and worked in that field for about eight years. On a whim, she applied for a job with Sara Lee Corp., as a sales representative, which began her career in retail. “I was with Sara Lee in several different divisions: Hanes products, Leggs Pantyhose, Bali products, and even cosmetics, all under the umbrella of Sara Lee.” Her last position with the company was as a recruiter. “I moved on to work for TJX Corp., MFA Boston, and Borders Books. When I moved to New Mexico, I worked for CVS in Santa Fe and then came to live in Las Vegas in 2014 to work at Tome On The Range. Books have always been in my DNA. My mother was a librarian and I like to say I grew up on the library floor.”

In this Q&A, Judy shares her passion for entrepreneurship and being a new business owner.

ORP: Gypsy Spirit is a new venture. What have you done before that prepared you for opening a business?
Judy: I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. My parents were business owners and my mother and I had a consignment shop on Cape Cod. For years I worked full time and was at the consignment shop every weekend. Plus many years of working in retail has taught me a lot about merchandising, selling and customer service.

ORP: I love the name. What is the inspiration behind that?
Judy: Gypsy has always meant a roaming spirit to me, or someone who travels from place to place collecting ideas and experiences. We had a dog named Gypsy when I was a kid, she was always getting loose, the dog officer would just bring her home to us.

ORP: Gypsy Spirit is in the Historic El Fidel building on Douglas Avenue. What appeals to you about being in this location?
Judy: I have always loved the El Fidel building. It has a unique atmosphere when you walk in the lobby. The owners are terrific people and have wonderful plans for the building going forward. When I was looking for a location, I walked into the shop space they had available and it just felt right somehow. The owners have made me feel like part of the family.

Chair and PillowORP: How do you describe Gypsy Spirit?
Judy: My store is somewhat like me, eclectic, something for everyone and lots of color. I tend to buy and sell things that I get excited about and think others will, too.My goal is to have a shop that is fun to shop in.

ORP: What types of merchandise do you carry?
Judy: Clothing ( new and gently worn – sorry guys just for women now but the future might bring men’s clothing as well), jewelry, handbags, wallets for both men and woman, ceramics, decorative umbrellas and toss pillows, wall hangings, sunglasses, unusual gifts as well as a small amount of local art. I also have small pieces of furniture that I have either refinished or painted.

ORP: You are a jewelry artisan as well. Talk about what inspires you when you are creating jewelry.
judy-jewelry 2Judy: I started making jewelry when I was living on Cape Cod. I have always been creative in one way or another. Making and designing jewelry was something I had always been interested in and one day just decided to give it a try. I pretty much am self-taught and became rather addicted. I did a lot of jewelry shows and sold online prior to moving here. I’m always inspired by color and there is no shortage of color in southwestern jewelry, clothing, and art.

ORP: You mentioned adding consignment clothing to your inventory. Talk about that and how people can find out more.
Judy: Yes, I will be adding consignments very soon. I think a good consignment store would be a great addition to Las Vegas. I ‘m sure there are many women out there who have closets full of beautiful clothing and accessories, probably with the tags still attached, who would be interested in selling or trading those items. As soon as the consignment software is installed, and I’m ready to begin taking items, I will announce it on the radio and through social media. GypsySpirit/Facebook

ORP: What do you most want customers to know about Gypsy Spirit?
Judy: I would like customers, as well as Las Vegas, to know that I am very excited to have my shop and to be a part of this community. I bought a home here a few years ago and consider Las Vegas my home. Las Vegas has grown on me and pulled me in: the people, the culture, and the vibe. So I’m here to stay, and so is Gypsy Spirit. I’m excited about all the growth and plans for the future on the horizon for Las Vegas and I hope to be a part of it.

Currently I am open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. As the weather gets better and the hotel gets busier I will be open more hours. I can be reached at 505-919-8843, judyboles146@yahoo.com or the gypsyspiritshop@gmail.com. Stop by, call or email.

Quick look:
Business: Gypsy Spirit
Location: 506 Douglas Ave.
Las Vegas, NM
Phone: 505-919-8843
E-mail: judyboles146@yahoo.com
Facebook Page: Gypsy Spirit

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  1. Judy is lovely. Bought one of her self-made necklaces the other day. Wish her well!

  2. Forgive my typing–Judy!

  3. Congratulations, July. Store sounds delightful. Looking forward a stop. And thank you Sharon for featuring local businesses.
    Patti Romero

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