Pella’s Quest Primer


At the conclusion of Thunder Prime: Fog Island, Pella Soames is twelve, an orphan, it would seem, the victim of circumstances beyond her control. But she has no intention of remaining a victim.

Now an adult with a transport business of her own, Pella uses all the resources available to find out if her mother is alive and captive of the Chandorian Brutus Tauk. But getting on Chandor isn’t all that easy. Getting information is even harder. And she must take on work to support her quest. She and her crew of four move people and cargo across the known universe, a lucrative business that gets in the way of Pella’s goal, to find her mother…



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Some of the players

Pella Soames, Captain of the Polaris

The Polaris crew
• Gouyen Walker, First Pilot
• Aoife (pronounced Eva) Blake, Navigator and med-tech
• Magda Ivonovich, Engineer and weapons tech

Goodwin Harp, the mysterious leader of New Way
Bahn Graeland, Harp’s aide

Trish Soames, Pella’s mother

Dorn, human kinder of Tauk and Trish

Trish’s other kinder:
• Wil’fane
• J’ag
• Andrea
• Me’Anna
• Feiree

Bart Casey, the son of Jake Casey and a thorn in Pella’s heart

Brutus Tauk, a Chandorian overload, the man Pella is sure has her mother

Fitz, a mysterious Brolotagan

Otto, a huqzzl ordered to guard Dorn

Ardis Durec, AWORI chieftan and captain of Raptor

Ellianna, a fem kinder of the house of Beric Tor

Ja’lu and Gol’du, sibs with unusual characteristics

Kobi Arbruster, a Malchorian Galactic Security section commander who is also a follower of The Way.

Ariane Jaleese, Abra of the Society of Way Keepers, and Bartholomew Casey’s grandmother.

Ezra Casey, Ariane’s bondmate and Bart’s grandfather.

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(NOTE: Kinder is pronounced kender and means child)

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