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Blind Curve

Officer Ada Blake is desperate to regain her confidence after an on-the-job incident left her doubting and despondent. When she returns home after a fifteen-year absence seeking peace and quiet, she finds her mother on the brink of bankruptcy, a brother creating long distance havoc and a disapproving sister. Can she overcome the sense of failure that follows her from her job in the city to her small hometown where she is haunted by past betrayals, inexplicable threats to her life, and appeals from the woman who took away the one thing she wanted most? Can the handsome nerd-turned-hunk from next door help her find the way past failure and guilt? Can she reconcile the past with the present and find peace? Join Ada on her bumpy ride to understanding and forgiveness. Pre-order this title at fsharon@msn.com. Special price for early orders. Get details. Will be available in e-book and paperback.

Lines, Poetry in Notion ($7.50 plus tax and shipping)

Lines, Poetry in Notion

Think of how you feel about getting up in the morning to splashes of glorious color in the sky, or how you feel about your faith, your partner sleeping beside you, or the quirks of life that make you smile… or cry. That is the essence of Lines, Poetry in Notion. Poetry is for everyone. Yes, even you. It tells a story from beginning to end, in many verses or in one. It speaks to the heart and stirs the mind to contemplation or tears, or anger, or love, or any one of a dozen other reactions that invite you to explore something about yourself. Click here to see one of the poems from the book.

Lines, Poetry in Notion is available at online stores including Amazon.

25 Day Of Christmas, An Advent Journey

25 Days Of Christmas, An Advent Journey

25 Days of Christmas, An Advent Journey rejoices in the birth of Christ through poetry. Words and phrases that evoke Advent, a time of expectant waiting for the Child of Wonder, inspired each poem. The accompanying scripture reflects on the promises of old, when prophets spoke of a Son, a King, a birthplace, a promise. These brief verses will bring joy to readers who want to take a moment out of busy holiday preparations to remember who we claim as our Redeemer King, and why we celebrate His birth. Add your thoughts and prayers, perhaps your own poems, in the white space entitled “Your Thoughts.”

25 Days of Christmas, An Advent Journey contains poems in the acrostic style with the first letter of each sentence based on the title. The poems were shared on the author’s One Roof Publishing blog (www.oneroofpublish.com) in December. A friend asked if the poems would be available in printed format. The seed was planted and has grown to be this small offering of celebration. Merry Christmas, Christ is born!

Finding Family

Finding FamilyWhat happens to a widow whose quiet life is interrupted when an estranged niece arrives on her doorstep with three children and a dog of questionable breeding in tow? From the moment they blow into her life on a windy fall night and Krank the dog pees on her carpet, Lilly Irish begins a life-changing journey. Always one to do the right thing for the right reasons, Lilly takes them in knowing her resources are limited. Between the dog tearing up one thing after another, and the older boy tangling with schoolyard toughs, Lilly is put to the test. What she learns along the way is how lonely she’s been, and her capacity for love she didn’t know she possessed. Annie and her children are looking for a home. Will they find it with Lilly? Soft Cover E-book

Not Just Another Day

Not Just Another DayEveryone experiences similar frustrations, worries, and joys. I have tried to capture that common experience in Not Just Another Day. Some of the readings are drawn from my experiences, others are merely my opinion about the world as I see it. This book reflects my own faith tradition, which is Christian. I am neither a theologian nor a trained minister or educator. Bible readings were sometimes catalysts for the essays and sometimes paired with an essay after a little research. The prayers are my own and come from my heart. These are my thoughts based on a lifetime of making mistakes, overcoming adversity, and putting my trust in God, the source of all life. Soft Cover E-Book

Thunder Prime: Fog Island

Thunder Prime: Fog IslandIn this 26th Century action/adventure Jake Casey discovers his murdered friend’s body and is thrown into a tangle of intrigue and lies. Despite his distrustful nature he begins to collect people who both hinder and help him in his quest to find answers to secrets from his past and the hell of his present. Are they to be trusted? What are their motives? Thunder Prime: Fog Island explores the world of the future with engaging characters, fast-paced action, and a thought-provoking premise. Readers are introduced to an altered earth and galactic politics. Humans have taken gene manipulation to an extreme and found ways to enhance brain capacity. The law has become deity and accommodates these morphed humans whose motives may not be in the best interest of earth. E-Book

Future Imperfect

Future ImperfectA woman wakes up in a strange setting with no past in a present she doesn’t recognize. A determined man searches for answers to the mysterious death of his father while appeasing the powerful but conflicting forces that control his life. These two individuals seek stability and sanity amid escalating political and environmental chaos in a not too distant future fraught with lies, treachery, and an altered environment. Sometimes the best intentions lead to bad outcomes and in Future Imperfect the best idea goes horribly wrong. The protagonists battle doubts, distrust and disillusionment. One is a pawn in a game she doesn’t have the rules for and the other is frustrated by a failing system and constraints that keep him from doing his job. Forces are at work that will take the world to the edge of oblivion and these two must find the answers before it is too late. Soft Cover


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