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Blind Curve

Officer Ada Blake is desperate to regain her confidence after an on-the-job incident left her doubting and despondent. When she returns home after a fifteen-year absence seeking peace and quiet, she finds her mother on the brink of bankruptcy, a brother creating long distance havoc and a disapproving sister. Can she overcome the sense of failure that follows her from her job in the city to her small hometown where she is haunted by past betrayals, inexplicable threats to her life, and appeals from the woman who took away the one thing she wanted most? Can the handsome nerd-turned-hunk from next door help her find the way past failure and guilt? Can she reconcile the past with the present and find peace? Join Ada on her bumpy ride to understanding and forgiveness. Pre-order this title at fsharon@msn.com. Special price for early orders. Get details. Will be available in e-book and paperback.


Dear Friends and Neighbors:

On my website, One Roof Publishing, I am featuring local folks in a series of question and answer articles similar to this one with Elmo Baca about his Indigo Theater. I’ve also done several about writers in my network and one with Charlotte Moore about the renovation at Dick’s. I plan to have one or two of these each week as soon as I can get the ball rolling, meaning having people who want to participate. I hope that will be you :).

Whether you are an artist, musician, gallery owner or other small business owner, I would like to feature you. The way it works is that I send you 8 to 12 questions and you send me your responses. I try to personalize the questions based on what I know about you. If I don’t know you I may begin with a preliminary call or visit to get some background. In the Q&A I use your responses as submitted.

I also ask you to send me a photo. It can be of you or your art work or your crew or your band or your… well, you get the picture. And if you don’t have one – a picture I mean – call me and I’ll come and take one.

Publication will be based on first come first served, so please get your name in as soon as you can. What do you get out of it? Free publicity. What do I get out of it? Interesting content for One Roof Publishing.

What I need from you to get started is:

  • Your name
  • Your phone or cell number
  • Your e-mail
  • URL to your online presence

Send to me at fsvandermeer@gmail.com. In the subject line enter One Roof Q&A.

Thanks for your interest and participation.



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  1. Just subscribed, and look forward to posting and receiving! Thanks!


  2. I look forward to posting your articles… When you have extra time 😊


  3. Yet another opportunity to write for you, at least occasionally, though I need to fit more writing of my own blog into my non-existent spare time. Happy that you’ve joined me on WordPress 🙂

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