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Work in progress

Works in progress

Caro Miller didn’t want anyone to question her mental health, which her mother would, if she learned her independent, successful daughter had spent the last two years with an anti-establishment, passive-aggressive creative writer, a never-published author whose piles of drivel crowded shelves, drawers and several boxes. He printed everything out, but never threw anything away…. Read More ›

Ms. Eggplant

The Eggplant and Superman

Shelby thought she was oh so original. Why would anyone else in her right mind show up at a Halloween costume party dressed as an eggplant? Yet, there she stood, long of leg, slender of arm, wearing an exact, exact duplicate of Shelby’s costume. In her mind, the second Shelby saw the other purple veggie,… Read More ›


Short Fiction

Hope Springs Eternal (or) Opportunity Knocks Allie Edwards went to the mall. She didn’t know why. It’s not like she had money to spend. She couldn’t even pay her rent, much less buy something she didn’t need that would, in the end, make her feel guilty as hell. No job. No prospects. No skills. One… Read More ›

From Afar

Q&A With Writer Frank Scozzari

Frank Scozzari’s Amazon profile describes him as an “American novelist and screenwriter,” who is a “four-time Pushcart Prize nominee. His short stories have been widely anthologized and featured in literary theater.” Scozzari’ most recent book is “From Afar”, the story of a man looking for love. I contacted him via Twitter and asked for a… Read More ›

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